Greetings My Fellow Marians!

My name is Mel, and I am a currently a 2nd year undergraduate underneath our school’s own beautiful School of IT. For most of you that don’t know me, I am a US citizen who is currently on a student visa. That’s enough of my story though, let us proceed to the actual reason I am writing this article.

It is with great honor that I report on this semester’s Scholarship Recognition program. This was a very good semester for SMU, with many students, both new recipients as well the returning, being honored at the wonderful ceremony. It brings me both pride and joy to see that so many students had worked hard and received what they deserved. To see hard work pay off is one of the great pleasures in our times on this earth, and I was glad to have witnessed our fellow classmates, batch mates, and friends step up to receive that certificate bearing each of their respective names.

Not only was it a good turnout for the whole school, but also for my very own department, the School of Computer Science and Information Technology. I am glad to report that we had put up for honors a total of 12 students on the Dean’s list, and 4 half-tuition scholars. Suffice to say, we have so much to be proud of this semester with so many of our fellow classmates being honored. I was also thrilled and honored to have taken part of the ceremony, being the representative for the School of IT in the full tuition scholarship division of the program. I had the great honor of being able to represent my school alongside my other classmates and acquaintances.

I hope my success, as well as the other well-deserving students, can also inspire and push others who want those honors, but don’t believe they can do it. The success of our peers can and should as an example to many of us who think we cannot make those achievements. If our classmates could do it, couldn’t we also achieve the same thing? If our peers had the discipline and the tenacity to go after their personal goals, shouldn’t we also be able to go after our goals as well? I believe that every one of us, as proud Marians, has what it takes to achieve our goals as well. As I heard one of my favorite teachers, Sir Joseph Philip Addauan, once say elegantly in terms of grades “if 70, why not 80, and if 80 why not 90, and so on and so forth?” So on that inspiring quote, I shall leave all of you who read this to go out there and do the best work you can do for your school, and more importantly yourselves.
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