Educ Junior at the Helm of Marian Student Government

By Dr. Moises Alexander T. Asuncion
Dean, School of Education

A diminutive, David-like teacher aspirant has been elected to lead the 6000-strong university students this school year. BSED- Math junior Johnattan Echevere Valdez won over another Valdez, Michelle, of Public Administration and Governance, and Carl Vincent Soriano of Engineering and Architecture who eventually became Vice President and Secretary, respectively. They were elected in a show of manual support among elected class-year organization officers from the different schools of the university in a voting organized by the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs. Johnattan takes over from IT senior Ayla Dial and follows the track of campus personality and college mate Heherson Tolentino who served as SCC president in SY 2007-08 when he was a BSED-English junior.

Johnattan originates from Nagbitin, Villaverde, Nueva Vizcaya. He is second to the youngest among the nine children of Gabriel Valdez Sr. and the former Marcela Echevere. A consistent academic achiever, he graduated as Salutatorian from Nagbitin Elementary School and as Valedictorian from Our Lady of Fatima School of Villaverde.

Following is a message from the SCC president-elect. 
Greater Challenge
By: Johnattan E. Valdez

My fellow school-goers have always put me in leadership positions since grade school. I had been elected officer in classes and in the organizations that I have joined. Given the different leadership exposures I have had, I know that my new responsibility is a bigger, wider and greater challenge.

My leadership skills have been enhanced during my first two years in our university. I was the President of the Freshmen Class of the School of Education during the Academic Year 2007-2008. The following year, I was elected Vice-President of the Sophomore Class and Press Information Officer of the Education Central Board of Students. During those two years, I also involved myself in various leadership capacities of different organizations like Students United in Mathematics, Marian Peer Counselors’ Organization and Pathways to Higher Education.

The sixth of February this year was a turning point in my academic life. I was elected as the President of the Student Central Council (SCC). I never expected it to happen but due to the support that my fellow Marians have shown me, I humbly accepted the nomination and eventually the result of the canvass of election that favored me during that day. This entailed an acceptance of the great responsibility that came with becoming the president. The leadership exposures and the different lessons I have learned from the leadership experiences I have gone through serve as the foundation for my becoming President of the SCC. The pressure, the recognitions and the criticisms would serve as the spice in the favorable performance I will be giving during my term as president.

It is my dream in the Student Central Council to make it more accessible to the students. It is then a challenge on my part to make the council felt among the whole student body. I will initiate participatory governance during my term. This means that the whole council, the eight elected officers, will have to meet, as often as we can, together with the executives of the different central councils of schools and decide programs and activities that will be implemented with the whole student body. This would make the participation of each school be enhanced and make it contributory to the development of the different student services in our university.

It is also my plan to have more workshops that will cater to the holistic development of the student body, their leadership skills, intellectual abilities, emotional well-being and the like. More activities that will hone the different talents of Marians will also be undertaken. The support of the council to the different institutional programs is inevitable in my administration.

This is it. I must face the great challenge with a strong personality carrying my passion to lead and determination to achieve all the goals of the whole council for the whole student body.

The Student Central Council is a student organization thus, the welfare of the students is foremost. We will make the voice of the students be heard to promote the better delivery of the different student services of the university.

The SCC of School Year 2009-2010 is Striped, Converged and Committed to serve the whole student body.
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