Faculty & Administration

    1. MRS. VENICA S. ACOSTA: BSC (SMU, 1980); MBA (SMU, 2004); Ph.D. Commerce (SMU, Ongoing); VP Finance/Treasurer.

    2. DR. ELEANOR C. DOMINGO: BSC-CPA Accountancy (SMU,1979); MSBA (SMU,1996); MSC (UST,2000); Ph.D. Commerce (UST,2010); Certified Public Accountant; Dean, School of Accountancy.

    3. DR. GARIBALDI O. LEONARDO: BSC Economics (DLSU, 1974); MBA (UP Diliman, 1978); DBA (UP Diliman, 1990); Vice President for SAP Training/Project Manager for SAP Consulting (KAISA Academy & Consulting), Proprietor (real estate assessor).

    4. MR. DIOMEDES R. YADAO: BSC Accounting (SMU, 1984); MBA (ADMU, 2001); CMABC (Canada); UST Manila Comptroller.

    5. MRS. REGINA D. RAMEL: BSA-CPA Accountancy (SMU, 1994); MBA (SMU,2000); Ph.D. Commerce (SMU, Ongoing); Certified Public Accountant; Chief Accountant.

    1. DR. CAROLINE M. ACOSTA: AB-Economics (SLU, 1985); MBA (SMU,1998); Diploma NR & D (UP, 2001); Ph.D. Management (SLU,2010); Visiting Professor, Universiti Utara Malaysia.

    2. MISS CATALINA K. ACPAL: AB-Econ (SLU, 1993); MBA (SMU,2002); MS Management (Wagenigen University Research Center, 2010); FM (PT), Business.

    3. MR. ERWIN EXEQUIEL P. CALATA: BSC-Comp. Sci. (SMU, 1996); MBA (SMU, 2005); MIS (UP-OU, Ongoing); Director, Center for Information and Communication Technology.

    4. MRS. ME L. GALATE: BS Agriculture (NOAC, 1996); MS Agriculture (NVSU, 2011); Registered Agriculturist.

    5. DR. CRISTINA G. GALLATO: BSC-CPA (SMU,1976); MSBA (SMU,1974); Ed.D Educational Management (SMU, 1984); Ed.D. Educ'l Mgmt. (SMU, 2002); DPA (SMU, On Dissertation Writing); (Ph.D. in Commerce (SMU, Ongoing).

    6. MRS. DOLORES B. GALVEZ: BSC-BA (UST, 2003); MBA (SMU, 2006).

    7. MR. TEODORO L. LAZO: AB-Engineering/Philo (SLU, 1983); MA-Theology (MST, 1994); FM (PT), Business.

    8. DR. GARIBALDI O. LEONARDO: BSC Economics (DLSU, 1974); MBA (UP Diliman, 1978); DBA (UP Diliman, 1990); Proprietor (real estate assessor)

    9. DR. MILA P. MENDOZA: BSC Economics (UST, 1982); MA Instructional Dev’t and Technology (SAIDI, 1995); Ph.D. Organizational Development and Planning (SAIDI); Human Resource Development Consultant (Human Resource Management, Career Development, Training & Development; & Organizational Development).

    10. DR. JOHN OCTAVIOS S. PALINA: BSC Management (SLU, 1991); MSBA (SLU, 1994); Ph.D. in Education (SLU, 2000); Vice-President for Administration; OIC, School of Business.

    11. MR. MICAH RYAN B. RAMEL: BSA (SMU, 1997); MBA (SMU, 2000); Ph.D. Commerce (SMU, Candidate); BSC-Management (SMU, 1999); MPA (SMU, 2007); Head, Center of Alternative and Continuing Education (CACE).

    12. MR. DIOMEDES R. YADAO: BSC Accounting (SMU, 1984); MBA (ADMU, 2001); CMABC (Canada); UST Manila Comptroller

    1. MR. PETER-TOM A. CALLANG: AB English (SMU, 1998); BSN (SMU, 2006); BSEd (SMU, 2010); MAN (ULS, 2010); Coordinator, Level 4.

    2. MRS. GERALDINE Y. FERRERAS: BSN (SMU, 2005); MSN (SMU, 2008).

    3. MR. JOMAN J. BALITON: BSN (SMU, 2004); MSN (SMU, 2009).

    4. MR. ROMEN P. SALES: BSN (Good Samaritan College, 2000); MSN (SMU, 2009); MAN (ULS, 2010); MPH (ULS, 2011).

    5. MRS. MARISSA LYN A. LABANGCOC: BSN (SMU, 2001); MSN (SMU, 2010); Department Head, BSN.

    6. MRS. GERODITA T. MOSCOSO: BSN (Arellano University, 1981); MSN (SMU, 2002).

    7. MRS. SHERYLOU A. BENIG: BSN (SMU, 2007); MSN (SMU, 2009); Clinical Coordinator.

    8. MISS CAMILLE CORAZON M. ALEJANDRO: BSN (SMU, 2006); MSN (SMU, 2009); Coordinator, Level 2.

    9. MRS. ROLITA GRACE V. GARCIA: BSN (Family Clinic College, 1995); MSN (SMU, 2010); Coordinator, Midwifery.

    10. MRS. MENDELCHON ROSE R. BALISAN: BSN (Philippine Christian University, 1976), MSN (St. Paul University System, 2011)

    11. MRS. MAGDALENA A. JUAN: BSN (SPU, 1979), MSN (St. Paul University System, 2011)

    12. MRS. MILDRED MARILAO: BSN, MSN, Ph.D. (ongoing, SLU)

    1. ENGR. MYRA B. GROSPE: BSCE (SMU, 1985); MSCE (DLSU, 2002); Ph.D. Educational Management (SMU, On Dissertation Writing); Department Head, Civil Engineer & Architecture.

    2. ENGR. ANDRES P. GUALON, JR.: BSCE (SMU,1997); MSCE (UP,2003); Registered Civil Engineer; Registered A.G.E.

    3. DR. JACQUELINE T. GUINSATAO: BSCE (SMU,1985); MSEEd (RTU,1998 ); Ph.D. Engineering Mgmt. (ULS, 2004); Registered Civil Engineer.

    4. ENGR. RODEL V. MEDESTOMAS: BSCE (SMU,1983); MS Mgmt. Engineering (SMU, 2008); ME Civil Engineering (SMU, 2011); Registered Civil Engineer.

    5. ENGR. JOEL C. PINAROC: BSCE (SLU, 1983); ME Civil Engineering (SMU, 2011); Registered Civil Engineer.

    6. DR. TERESITA L. REYES: BSCE (SMU, 1983); MAT Math (SMU,1996); MSME (SLU/SMU, 2006); ME Civil Engineering (SMU, 2011); Ed.D. (SMU, 2003); Registered Civil Engineer.

    1. MRS. ESSEL T. CAÑABERAL: Vet. Med. (CSLU, 2000); BSIT (SMU, 2005); MIT (ULS, 2008); Ph.D. Mathematics (NVSU, Ongoing).

    2. MRS. GERTRUDE G. DANAO: BSC Comp. Sci. (San Sebastian, 1993) ); MBA (SMU, 2005); MSIT (DLSU, 20003); Ph.D. E-Learning Methodology ( Assumption Univ., Bangkok, Ongoing); Dean School of Computing Sciences and Information Technology

    3. MR. ADONIS V. GARCES: BSC Accounting (SMU, 1990); BS Comp.Sci., (SMU, w/ units); MIT (SPU, 2006); Ph.D. - Information Technology (St. Paul University, Ongoing); Head, Comp. & Technical Services

    4. ENGR. PAULINA A. MARZAN: BS Comp. Engineering (CSU, 199); MSIT (ULS,2006); Ph.D. Mathematics (NVSU, Ongoing).

    5. MRS. BERMILITA A.TAGTAG: BSIT (SMU,2008); MIT (ULS,2010).

    1. MR. IVAN D. BAGUILAT: AB Pol. Sci. (Univ. of Cordilleras, 2006); IMPA (SMU, 2007); MPA (SMU, 2011); DPA (SMU, On Dissertation Writing)

    2. MR. LEONARDO CLEMENS L. CADOY: AB Philosophy (SLU, 1997); MPA (SMU, 2007); DPA (SMU, Ongoing).

    3. MISS CIELITO L. GARRIDO: BSA (PUP,1988); MBA (Phil. Christian Univ., 2001); Credit Union Women Mentoring Program (Canadian Cooperative Assoc., Ohawa, Canada, Oct. 2005).

    4. DR. MIGUEL M. JUBAY: AB English/Philosophy (SLU, 2000); MPA (NVSU, 1998); MSBA (SMU, 2008); DPA (SMU, 2009).

    5. MR. SANTIAGO D. SOLIVEN: BSC Accounting (SMU, 1974); MPA (SMU,2002).

    6. MR. VIRGILIO A. TIONGSON: BSBA (MIT, 1962); MPA (SMU, 2004).

    1. MRS. LORNA C. ABAN: B.S.E Physics & Mathematics (SMU, 1997); MAED Physics Ed. (UP Diliman, 2006). Ph.D. Educational Management (SMU, Ongoing).

    2. FR. VICTOR M. ABIJAY: BSE-English/Filipino (SMU, 1978); MAED-EDA (SMU, 2006); Ph.D. Educational Mgmt. (SMU,2011); Superintendent, DBCSA.

    3. MRS. MARINA D. ACERIT: BSED-Filipino (ISU); MAT-Filipino (ISU).

    4. MR. ROBERT S. ACERET: A.B. Religious Formation / B.S. Biology (SMU, 1999); MA Biology ( SMU, 2008).

    5. MRS. LORVIN M. ADDUCUL: BSC (SMC, 1987); BSED - Guidance and Counseling / Religious Formation (SMU, 1999); MAED Guidance and Counseling (2005). Certificate Program in Inclusive Education (SLU, 2008); Ph.D. in Educational Management (SMU, Ongoing); Head, Guidance and Testing Center.

    6. MRS. MA. CRISTETA M. ADUCA: B.S.E English & Religious Formation (SMC, 1989); MAED Guidance & Counseling (SMU, 2002); MAED Rel.Educ. (SMU, Ongoing); Ed.D. – Religious & Values Education (DLSU, Finished Academic Requirements - 2008); Ph.D. in Educational Management (SMU, 2011) Dean, School of Education.

    7. MRS. GLORIA VICKY A. ANTONIO: BS MATH (UP, 1984); M.Ed. Physics (UP, 1991); Certificate Program-Mental Math Power Prog. (UP-ISMED, 2000); Ph.D. Sc.Ed.-Physics (UP Open University, Ongoing). Head, Alumni Affairs Office.

    8. DR. MOISES ALEXANDER T. ASUNCION: B.S.E Math/Gen.Sci. (SMC, 1985); Master of Statistics (UP-Diliman, 1990); Graduate Diploma in Education (Curriculum Administration), Deakin University (Australia, 1992); Ph.D. Sc.Ed. Mathematics (UP-Diliman, 1997); Vice-President for Academic Affairs and External Affairs Officer

    9. MISS ZAYDA S. ASUNCION: BSED Biology/English (SMU, 1987); MAT English (SMU, 2005); MA Rel.Educ. (Mother Of Life, Ongoing); Ph.D. in Language Studies (UST, Ongoing), Department Head, Language and Literature Department.

    10. MISS JOANNE P. BARTOLOME: BS/BSE Chemistry (SMU, 2003); MAT Chemistry (SMU, 2007).

    11. DR. MARY GRACE M. BULATAO: BSED-PEHM/ Lib.Sci. (SMU, 1994); MAED-PE (NCPE, 2002); Ph.D. Educational Management (SMU, 2010); Head, PEHM.

    12. DR. MELFEI E. BUNGIHAN: BSED Chemistry/Math (SMU, 1996); MS Chemistry (UST, 2004); Ph.D Chemistry (UST, 2011); Registered Chemist.

    13. MR. DAVID A. CABONERO: BSED-Lib.Sci./ Gen. Sci. (SMU, 1994); MA Library Science (CEU, 2003). Ph.D. Educational Management (SMU, Ongoing). Director, University Learning Resource Center

    14. MRS. SUSAN G. CACHOLA: BSED Rel.Educ./ English (SMU, 1992); MAED Religious Education (SMU, 2006). Ph.D. Educational Management ( SMU, Ongoing).

    15. MISS ROSITA I. CAILIN: A.B. – Biology/English (SMC, 1972); MAT- Sec. Biology (SMU, 1995); Ed.D. Educational Management (SMU, Ongoing), Ph.D. Biology at University of Wales, Bangor, United Kingdom (Candidate).

    16. MISS FEDERICIA C. CALAUAGAN: BEED-English (SMU, 1990); MAED-RED (SMU, 2000).

    17. DR. ESTER P. CANTONG: BSE Fil./English (SMU, 1972); MAED Guidance & Counseling (SMU, 1990); Ed.D major in Educational Management (SMU, 2005). Registered Guidance Counselor.

    18. MISS JENNYLIN B. CARREON: BS/BSE Chemistry (SMU, 2003); MA Chemistry (SMU, 2006); MS Chemistry (UST, Candidate).

    19. MR. JAY-AR C. CASTRICIONES: BS Mathematics (SMU, 2001), MS Mathematics (UP Baguio, 2006). MAED Pedagogy (SMU, Ongoing).

    20. MRS. PEARL VIA S. COBALLES: BS Psychology (SPUP, 2003); MAED Guidance & Counseling (SMU, 2008).

    21. R. DARWIN DON M. DACLES: BSE-Rel. Form./History (SMU, 1989); MAT Social Studies (SMU, 2002); Ph.D. EDM (SMU, 2010); Director, Indigenous Knowledge and Tradition Institute.

    22. DR. LEONORA L. DAMASO: B.S.E. English/History (SMC, 1972); MAED Guidance and Counseling (SMC, 1981); Ph.D. in Clinical Counseling (DLSU, 1992).

    23. MR. SAMUEL B. DAMAYON: A.B.-Philosophy (SLU, 1998); MA Philosophy (Ateneo de Manila University, 2001). LLB (SMU, 2006). Dept. Head, Social Sciences and Philosophy.

    24. DR. FE YOLANDA G. DEL ROSARIO: A.B. English/History (SMC, 1981); MA History (UP, 1997); Ph.D. in Phil. Studies (UP, 2009). Director, Research Center.

    25. MRS. LANY D. DULLAS: BS Mathematics (SMU, 1995); MAT Mathematics (SMU, 2004); Ph.D.Sci.Ed Mathematics (SMU, Ongoing).

    26. DR. ADELINA C. ERFE: BSE Mathematics/Filipino (SMC, 1972); MAT Mathematics (UP, 1981); Ph.D. Sc.Ed. Mathematics (UP, 1996); Department Head, Non-Engineering Mathematics.

    27. MRS. MARIANNE C. EUGENIO: BEED Social Studies (SMU, 2006); MAED-Pedagogy (Non-Thesis) (SMU, 2009); MAED-Pedagogy (w/ Thesis) (SMU, 2011).

    28. DR. FITZGERALD L. FABELICO: BSED Biology/Chemistry (SLU, 1994); MST Chemistry (DLSU, 1999), Ph.D. Sci. Ed. Chemistry (DLSU, 2009). Director, institute of Natural Sciences.

    29. DR. ROSCOE N. GACUSANA: BSED Rel. Formation/Guidance & Counseling (SMC, 1990); MAED Guidance & Counseling (SMU, 2001); Ed.D. Educational Management (SMU, 2007). Registered Guidance Counselor.

    30. MR. REGINO L. GALATE: BS Agricultural Education (NVSIT, 1995); MS Agricultural Education/Educational Administration (NVSU,2003); Ed.D. Educational Management (NVSU, Ongoing).

    31. MR. HENRY F. GAMBOA: A.B. Religious Education/English (SMU, 1993); MA Religious Education (Maryhill School of Theology, 1999); Ph.D. in Applied Theology (De La Salle University, Candidate).

    32. MR. RODELIO C. GAUUAN: BSED Filipino/Lib.Sci. (SMU, 1996); MAT Filipino (SMU, 2009); Department Head, Filipino.

    33. MRS. ANALYNE A.GUEVARA: BS Math (UPLB, 1988); MS Math (Ateneo de Manila University, On Thesis Writing); MAT Math, (SMU, 2004), Ph.D. Sc. Ed. in Mathematics (SMU, Ongoing).

    34. MRS. Alicia Z. Jubay: AB Biology/English (SMC, 1978); MAT Biology (SMU, 2005); Ph.D.Sc.Ed. in Biology, (SMU, Ongoing). Director, CESP-Kalinga Mission Center.

    35. MRS. FEBIE G. LANZUELA: BSED Home Economics/Lib.Sci. (SMU, 1999) MAED-MA Library Science (SMU, 2008). Ph.D. Educational Management (SMU, Ongoing).

    36. MR. CHRISTOPHER ALLEN S. MARQUEZ: AB-Soc.Sci.,Anthro/Pol.Sci. (UP, 2006); MAED Pedagogy (SMU, 2010).

    37. MR. JASON ARNOLD L. MASLANG: BS-Biology (SMU, 1999); Graduate Diploma in Teaching Biology (SMU, 2001); Master in Biological Science (SLU, June 2003). MAT Biology (SMU, 2007); Ph.D. Biology (DLSU, Candidate).

    38. MRS. MABEL D. MAMAOAG: BSED English/History (SMU, 2003); MA in Language and Literature (UP Baguio, 2007).

    39. DR. CESAR T. MEDULA: BSED Physics/Mathematics (SMU, 2000); MAT Physics (SMU, 2005); Ph.D. Sc. Ed. Physics (DLSU, 2009). Assistant Director, Research Center.

    40. DR. HENRY C. NAVARRO: A.B. English/ Philo.& Psycho (SLU,1982); MA English (SMC,1994); Ed.D. in Educational Management (SMU, 2001); Head, Teachers’ Center for Technology & Development.

    41. MRS. RUBY LYN R. NUESTRO: A.B. Social Science (Psychology-Sociology) (UP Baguio, 1987); MAED Guidance & Counseling (ADMU, 2007). Registered Guidance Counselor; Head, Human Resource Development Office.

    42. MRS. MERCEDES A. PADRE: BSED English (SMC, 1972); M.Ed. – English as a Second Language (UP, 1977); PROBE Fellow; Ed.D. in Educational Management (SMU, Ongoing).

    43. DR. MARILYN P. PEROLINA: B.S.E. Chemistry & English (SMC, 1978); MAT-Social Studies (SMC, 1994); Ed.D. in Educational Management (SMU, 2006); Dean, Student Affairs and Services.

    44. MISS MARITES B. QUEROL : BSED English/Religious Formation (SMC, 1990); MAT English (SMU, 2008); MAED Linguistic (UP, 2009); Ph.D. Language Studies (UST, Ongoing).

    45. MR. DANIEL MARVIN B. RAMEL: B.S. Biology (SMU, 1998); MA Biology ( SMU, 2008).

    46. DR. BONIFACIO V. RAMOS: B.S.E. English (SMC, 1971); MAED Library Science (PNC, 1975); Post Graduate Training for Science Information Specialists (UP, 1980); Ed.D. in Educational Management (SMC, 1983).

    47. DR. MACRINO A. RAYMUNDO: BSED PEHM (SMU, 1994); MAED Physical Education (La Salette, 2002); Ed.M. in Educational Management (SMU, 2007) Principal, Grade School Department.

    48. MISS DONNA BEE P. REFUGIO: B.S. & B.S.E. Mathematics (SMU, 2003); MS Mathematics (UP-Baguio, 2009).

    49. DR. RUPERTO P. RIGOR JR.: B.S.E. (SMC,1970); MAT English (SMC,1992); Ph.D. in Literature (UST, 1997).

    50. MISS ROWENA A. RIVERA: BS Mathematics (SMU, 1998); MAT Mathematics (SMU, 2005).

    51. MRS. LIBERTY A. ROSARIO: A.B. Rel. Formation/English (SMU, 1988); BSED English/Rel. Formation (SMU, 1991); MA Religious Studies (MST, 1995). Ph.D. Educational Management (SMU, Ongoing).

    52. DR. GLENDA G. SALEM: B.S.E. Biology/English (SMU, 1979); MAED Reading (SMC, 1988); Ed.D. in Educational Management (SMU, 2005); PROBE Fellow; Dept. Head, Professional Education/In-charge, International Center for the Study of Teaching Learning Styles.

    53. MR. SHERWEEN JERRY PAUL V. SAQUING: BSED English/Guidance (SMU, 1994); LI.B. (SMU, 2010); Certificado de la Lengua Española (Universidad de Navarra, 1997); Certificado de la Lengua Española (Instituto Cervantes-Manila/Spanish Institute-Manila, 2007).

    54. DR. SAMUEL R. SOLIVEN: BSE Mathematics (SMU,1992); MAED Physics (UP,1998); Ph.D. Sc.Ed. Mathematics (SMU, 2003); Principal, SMU High School/Science High School.

    55. MRS. ARLENE L. TABAQUERO: BS Biology/Chemistry (SLU, 2000); Master in Biological Science (SLU, 2005). Ph.D in Biology (SLU, Candidate).

    56. MR. JOHN B. TAYABAN: BS Psychology (SLU 1985); MS in Psychology (SLU, 1989); Ph.D. in Psychology (Ateneo de Manila University; candidate); Head, Publication and Printing Office.

    57. DR. MA. TERESA B. TAYABAN: AB Biology/English (SMC, 1980); MAED Guidance and Counseling (SMU, 1997); Ph.D. in Child & Family Studies (Miriam College, 2007); Dean, School of Arts and Sciences.

    58. DR. ELMA R. THIAM: B.S.E. (SMC, 1964); A.B. (SMC, 1967); MS in Biology (UST, 1986); Ed.D. in Educational Management (SMU, 1999); Ph.D. Sc.Ed. Biology (SMU, 2005).

    59. DR. ELLA B. TUMANENG: A.B. (SMC, 1976): MA Developmental Education (UST, 1982); Ph.D. Developmental Education (UST, 1984); BSED (SMU, 2000); University Registrar.

    60. MISS RHODORA B. UY : BS (SMU, 1995); MAED Biology (UP Diliman, 2005).

    61. DR. NENA P. VALDEZ: BS General Science (SMU, 1981); MAED Guidance and Counseling (SMU, 1995); Ph.D. Developmental Studies (UST, 2001).

    62. DR. DOMINGA C. VALTORIBIO: A.B. Mathematics (SMC, 1980); MAT Mathematics (UP, 1990); Ph.D. Sc.Ed. – Mathematics (UP, 2000); Dean, Graduate School.

    63. MR. EDWIN B. ADUCA; BSE (SMU, 1989), MA History (DLSU, 2009)

    64. MRS. HAYDEE D. JAMES: (SMU, 1990), MAT (DLSU, 2009)

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