Application is done upon registration/enrollment
Cash discounts: 5%
Brother/Sister discount: 10% each
BIBAK discounts to registered members of the BIBAK organization: 5% to 20% tuition fee 10% to 50%
Dance Troupe
Artists’ Circle
Service Grants
The President of the Student Central Council (SCC), the Editor-in-Chief of The Marian and the Corps Commander of the SMU ROTC Unit are given service grants in the form of full-tuitional discount during the first semester of their tenure of office. Other officers of the Student Central Council, the Editorial Board of The Marian and other ROTC officers are likewise given 25% tuitional discount (1/4 tuitional scholarship). To qualify for the same privilege for the following semester, the service grantees should not have incurred incomplete or failing grades during the previous semester and must have shown a high degree of commitment and performance as attested to by the adviser(s) and the Dean of Student Affairs and Services.
Upon the recommendation of the club adviser(s) and the endorsement of the Deans of Student Affairs and Services to the Committee on Scholarship, Awards and Grants, the members of the SMU Artists’ Circle, SMU Band, SMU Choral Society and SMU Dance Troupe may be granted discounts on tuition fees ranging from 10% to 100% depending on the evaluation of their commitment and performance. The discounts start only on the second year of membership since the first year is considered as a probationary period. No discounts are given during the summer term.

Note:For academic and entrance scholars and service grantees, attendance in the RECOGNITION PROGRAM for SCHOLARS is a requirement. Failure to attend the Recognition Program (without valid reason) is a sign of non-acceptance, and may be used as basis for the withdrawal or reduction to partial privileges of the scholarship. Partial privilege may be likewise granted to late applicants. The certificate of scholarship received during the recognition program may be required for presentation at the Accounting Office for the discount to be effected.

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