Guest Lecturers Graduate School

  1. DR. JUANA V. ALUNING: AB/BS in Education (St. Joseph College, 1960); MA in Education (SMC, 1972)
  2. DR. GLORIA D. BAGUINGAN: BSEED Elementary Methods (SLU, 1964); MA English-Linguistics (SLU, 1979); Functional Literacy – Literacy (Baguio Vacation Normal School, 1975); Ph.D. – English (SLU, 1985)
  3. DR. ERMELINDA M. BELARMINO: AB English/History (SMC, 1964); MAT English (SMU, 1996); Ed.D major in Educational Management (SMU, 2002).
  4. MR. DENNIS L. BERINO: BS Statistics (UP Diliman, 1983); MBA (UP Diliman, 1989); Life Insurance Course (SWISS Insurance Trading Center, Switzerland, 1994); DBA (DLSU, On Dissertation Writing.
  5. DR. MARY THERESE N. CABALONGA: BS Zoology (UST, 1968); MAT Biology (ISU, 1983); Ph.D. Sc. Ed. – Biology (DLSU, 1991).
  6. DR. CYNTHIA C. DIVINA: BS Biology (College of the Holy Spirit, 1978); MS in Biology (DLSU, 1992); Ph.D. Sc. Ed. Biology (DLSU, 2001).
  7. MA. FE NUESTRO-FERRIOLS: BS in Statistics (UP-Diliman, 1978); MS in Computer Applications (Asian Institute of Techno., Bangkok, Thailand, 1982); The Executive Program (University of Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, 1994).
  8. DR. SOFRONIO P. KALAW: BS Agriculture (CLSU, 1983); MS in Crop Protection – 24 units (CLSU); MS in Biology (DLSU, 1990); Ph.D. – Biology (DLSU, 2001).
  9. DR. ROGER MAXIMO A. PUA: BS Biology (UP, 1985); MS in Biology (DLSU, 1991); Ph.D. – Biology (UP, 2000).
  10. FR. TEODORO L. LAZO: AB English/Philosophy (SLU, 1983); MA Theology (MST,1994).
  11. DR. GARIBALDI O. LEONARDO: BSC Economics (DLSU); MBA units (DLSU); Ph.D. Economics units (UST); M.A. Economics (Rockefeller Scholarship Grantee) (UP-Diliman); DBA (UP Diliman).
  12. DR. LIRIO GUDINA C. MANGAWIL: BS Biology (UP, 1985); MS in Biology (UP,1991); Ph. D. in Sc. Ed. – Biology (SMU, 2007).
  13. DR. MILA P. MENDOZA: BSC-Econ. (UST, 1982); MA Instructional Development and Technology (SAIDI); Ph.D. Organizational Development and Planning (SAIDI, 1995). University Consultant.
  14. DR. JOSE B. TAMANI: BSED (SMC, 1967); MAT English (30 units) (UE, 1977); Certificate in Modern Government Mgmt. / Certificate in Local Fiscal Admin.& Eco. Promotion / Diploma in Public Administration (SMU/UP, 2001); DPA (USL, 2006).
  15. MR. DIOMEDES R. YADAO: BSC (SMU, 1984); MBA (ADMU, 2001).
  16. MR. FOCHITO GALLEVO: BSC (1974); Master in Gov’t Mgmt. (PLM, 1998).
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