Marians finish online class and receive ECTS credits at Vives University, Belgium


Congratulations to the following 10 Marians who completed their online class at Vives University of Applied Sciences, Belgium, from February 28, 2022 to May 24, 2022. The students recently received their certificates, which bear ECTS credits, a European points system used by universities to make international education more easily comparable across borders.

The students are as follows:  

  1. Eloisa Barbieto, BSEd ENG 4 
  2. Isaac Divina, BAPoS 2 
  3. Angelika Lejao, BSAR 4 
  4. Rhodora Onato, BSTM 3 
  5. Lely Fernandez, BSPSYCH 4 
  6. Rudolph Benito, BSEd SOC STUD 4 
  7. Dexter Gumangan, BSMA 4 
  8. Krizsel Pascua, BSN 1 
  9. Aurea Lou Manuel, BSPSYCH 2 
  10. Myria Felipe, BSPSYCH 4 

The course, which centered on Global Sustainability and Engagement, was facilitated by Ms. Lies Verstraere, the global engagement officer of Vives. The 10 Marians joined other Filipino students and Belgian students in the international class. To date, this is the third batch of completers from SMU, which started participating in the international class in February 2021. 

SMU and Vives University signed a cooperation agreement in December 2021, and the class is just part of activities undertaken to ensure that internationalization is alive and intensified in both universities. 


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