Application Form (College Level)
  • Instructions: Please read the General and Documentary Requirements. Fill in all the required information. Do not leave an item blank. If item is not applicable, indicate “N/A”

  • Qualifications. To qualify for tuition fee discount, the student must:

    1. Be a bona fide student of Saint Mary’s University;

    2. Have passing grades;

    3. Be in need of financial assistance (applicant’s annual family income is less than the poverty threshold and/or as determined by the University Scholarship Committee)

  • Checklist of Required Documents:

    (You can Submit a picture of the items 2 - 7)
  • 1. SMU-STFP Form 1.

    2. One (1) 2” × 2” picture taken within the last three months, with the applicant’s name and student number printed on the back.

    3. Birth certificate of the applicant.

    4. Latest Income Tax Returns of the applicant’s parents/legal guardian for the previous year or affidavit of support from legal guardian, if applicable.

    5. If parents are unemployed or exempt, submit the BIR Certification of Exemption from non-filing of ITR or Certificate of Indigency from Barangay or Case from Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), or Affidavit of No Income.

    6. Latest Income Tax Returns of other gainfully employed members of the applicant’s household for the latest taxable year.

    7. Electric bills for the last three (3) months.

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  • Note:

  • 1. The applicant’s acceptance into the University does not necessarily guarantee that application for tuition fee discount will be granted.
    2. Tuition fee discount will be given to one grantee per family only.
    3. SMU-STFP discount will be withdrawn from a student who withholds and/or falsifies information, without prejudice to other penalties that may be imposed by the University.
    4. Applicants will be informed in writing on the results (approval/disapproval) of their application for financial assistance.
    5. The grant will cover tuition fee discounts ranging from 25% to 75%, depending on the merits of the application, as determined by the Scholarship Committee. Subjects not required in the program will not be included in the computation of discount to be granted.
    6. The tuition fee discount is valid for one school year only. The grantee is required to maintain passing grades and abide by the policies prescribed by the Scholarship Committee. The grantee will be made to pay back the discount for failing grades, unauthorized withdrawals or un-removed incomplete marks for the period when the tuition fee discount is granted.