SMU teams up with SLU for Joint Development of Niche Programs

The University signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Saint Louis University (SLU) for the Master in Science in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (MSc DRRM), which is a dual degree awarded jointly by SLU and Coventry University located at Priory St., Coventry, United Kingdom.  The program is envisioned to be offered to prospective graduate school students, especially in the Cordillera Administration Region, Region 1, and Region 2.  MSc DRRM was selected to be SLU’s niche program because from a development perspective, it is most cognizant and vital to the situation and context of the Philippines and in the Northern Luzon area in light of climate change.

SLU was selected by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and the British Council as a partner in the Joint Development of Niche Programmes through the Philippine-UK linkages project.  SLU then recognizes that inviting local partners in co-designing the program is vital to its successful implementation.  SMU was therefore tapped to co-develop the MSc DRRM curriculum, serve as offsite classroom/laboratory, co-host DRRM lectures, seminars, and research project development, and co-develop DRRM researches.

An initial meeting aimed at clarifying how the partnership will be made operational happened at Saint Mary’s University on September 18, 2017.  It was attended by representatives from Saint Mary’s University, Saint Louis University and Coventry University.  The program is expected to be offered in August 2018.  Currently, SLU is preparing its final report for the market study of the program. #(with reports from the External Affairs Office

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