Programs Offered

Classification by Type of High School

Saint Mary’s University (SMU) offers two high school programs known as SMU Junior High School and SMU Science High School.  The SMU Junior High School follows the K to 12 Enhanced Basic Education Program while the SMU Science High School (according to DECS Order No. 69, s. 1993) has a more enriched curriculum with advanced subjects in Science, Mathematics and English.

a) Government Recognition

SMU JHS Regular – July 1, 1947   
DepEd  School ID: 400506       

SMU HS Science – June 2, 1975 
Named SMU Science HS – Dec. 15, 2000
DepEd School ID: 400507

ESC School ID: 0200256

b) Students who enroll as Grade 7 are given a classification test by the Guidance and Testing Center staff of Saint Mary’s University.  Generally, the Classification test is held during the 1st Friday of May or as scheduled by the Principal.  The result of the test administered will determine whether a student will be classified in the SMU Science High School or SMU Junior High School.  The top 90 ranking students with above average IQ will be classified in the SMU Science High School while the others are distributed to the SMU Junior High School. 

c) Students who qualify for the SMU Science High School in the Grade 7 have the privilege to follow the same curriculum in the succeeding Grade Levels if they pass all the subjects.  In case a student fails, he/she is given an option to transfer to the SMU JHS or to stay in the SMU Science HS but has to take Summer Classes. 

d) A transferee who is an incoming Grade 8 student can be classified in the SMU Science High School if he/she has an IQ of at least Above Average and is willing to enroll Speech class and other required subjects in the next summer term.

e) An incoming Grade 10 who wishes to transfer to SMUJHS is required to enroll and finish Science Research 1 before he/she is admitted. 

f) The top 5 incoming Grade 8 students of SMU Junior High School maybe admitted to the Science High School provided they are going to enroll in Speech class and other required subjects the following Summer term.


For Entering Grade 7 

  • Submit the following: 
    • Report Card (Form 138) with properly signed transfer eligibility.
    • Three copies of latest 1 x 1 ID colored picture 
    • Photocopy of birth certificate (PSA)
    • Certificate of Honors Received, if any 
  • Take the scheduled Classification Test after official enrolment.

For Old Students

  • Submit report card with properly signed transfer eligibility.
  • Students who enrolled during summer term should not have deficiencies.  Present the Report Card (Form 138) – for the previous school year and summer term upon enrolment.

For Transfer-in Students

Generally, SMUJHS/SHS does not accept transfer-in students in the Grade 10. In case SMUJHS / SHS admits a transfer-in student, he/she should submit:

  • Report card (Form 138) with transfer eligibility properly signed
  • Report Card (Form 138) for evaluation.
  • Certificate of Honorable Dismissal
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character and personal integrity from previous principal.
  • photocopy of birth certificate (PSA)
  • Certification of ESC, if applicable
  • Three copies of latest 1 x 1 ID colored picture
  • He/she should take the qualifying examinations and other tests
  • He/she should undergo a face-to-face interview with the Admission officer/Guidance Counselor and Principal.

Other Requirements/Conditions

a) A student who enrolls in Saint Mary’s University Junior High School and Science High School promises to abide by the rules and regulations of the school as provided for in the Handbook.  The signature of the student in the enrolment form should be countersigned by his/her parents or guardians.  It is mandatory that parents / official guardians also obey the school policies.

b) The school does not accept any student who has been involved in or convicted of any criminal, civic, or administrative case.

c) The school reserves the right not to admit or readmit students under certain conditions as enrolment in Saint Mary’s University Junior High School & Science High School is a privilege.

Contact person/details:

Mrs. Aireen O. Santos

Principal, JHS / 

(078) 321-2395 / 0977 142 7679 (Globe)

Procedure for In-campus Enrollment