Registrar's Office

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The Office of the University Registrar envisions to provide excellent registry services through world-class standards and adoption of current technologies in records management.


Guided by the Marian virtues, the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) is committed to provide excellent customer service and quality records management, through combined efforts and professionalism that
will uphold the university’s vision in promoting Marian achievers for God and country.


The Registrar’s Office serves as the University’s central service and academic support unit to:

  1. conduct and manage processes related to registration of students, to include:
    check subjects from the Dean to be offered every term; and
    check schedule of all subject offerings every term.
  2. collect and record student academic information;
  3. coordinate and produce official enrollment and academic certification from academic records;
  4. provide support for determining academic eligibility and academic progress;
  5. process transfer credentials for outgoing undergraduate students;
  6. respond to requests for information about students and programs;
  7. manage access to and release of student academic and educational information;
  8. prepare for commencement and graduation; and
  9. administer in-house printing of diplomas and Transcript of Records (TOR) and other documents for certifications.


     The Office of the University Registrar is considered as the show window of any educational institution. It is the repository of highly important and delicate documents, and the place most frequented by students, as well as by the alumni.
Being an integral part of a tertiary level institution, the Office of the University Registrar at Saint Mary’s was created simultaneously with the opening of the college department in 1947. The office occupied one of the rooms fronting the lobby of the now Junior High School building. When the college department was transferred to the present site in 1969, the Registrar’s Office was housed in one-half floor area of Room A105. With the increase of enrolment and student records, the office also expanded and moved to Room A104 then later to Room A103. The old office furnishings of three steel and two wooden cabinets were replaced with 24 four-shelved and 14 three-shelved cabinets which were placed in a fireproof vault built in 1987 and shared by the Accounting & Registrar’s offices. A new vault was constructed separately for the Registrar’s office in 2000, when the Accounting Office moved to Room A104 and the Registrar’s office to Room A103. The two elite, one pica and one long-barrel typewriters are now replaced with units of computers inside a fully air-conditioned room.
The first registrar of the college was Mr. Julian L. Bravo, a B.S.E. graduate of the then Saint Mary’s College. His work as registrar included keeping records, scheduling subjects, assigning loads to teachers, preparing transcripts and certifications, delivering mail, time keeping, communicating with and submitting reports to the Department of Education and other agencies, issuing grades, applying for new courses and renewal permits, and many more. In 1957, he was ably assisted by Mr. Alejandro M. Maddela, a BSC graduate who resumed the position of Registrar in 1974 when Mr. Bravo migrated to the United States. Mr. Maddela resigned in 1980 to join the government service and Mrs. Natividad P. Araneta took over as Registrar from May 1980 to 2011. Upon the retirement of Dr. Araneta, Dr. Ella B. Tumaneng took over the registrarship and was succeded by Dr. Danao in 2014 up to present.

Mr. Alejandro M. Maddela BSC 1957-1980
Mr. Jose D. Cabauatan BSC 1960-1963 student assistant 1963-1968
Mr. Esteban H. Abuan AB/BSE 1970-1971
Mrs. Milagros Reyes-Labitoria AB/BSE/MAED 1970-1977/1980-1989
Dr. Natividad Pillera-Araneta BSE/MAED/PHD 1971 to 2011
Mrs. Mercedes Aban-Padre BSE 1972-1974
Miss Zenaida C. Academia JSC/BSC 1977-1982/1998
Mrs. Florida Francisco-Sabado ASS/BSC 1977-1982
Mrs. Erlinda Tampoya-Españo JSC/BSSA 1980-1982
Mrs. Evelyn Tiam-Sabado BSSA 1981 to 2019
Mr. Edilberto A. Suarez III BSSA 1981-1994
Mrs. Lorvin A. Adducul BSC 1982-1986
Mrs. Felomena Bautista-Bernardo ASS/BSC 1982-1989
Miss Violeta L. Dangan BSC 1988-1991
Mrs. Alona Magtalas-del Rosario BSSA 1991-1999
Mr. Jonathan C. Balut BSC 1994-2000
Miss Sally B. Bibas BSSA/MBA 1994 to date
Mr. Romeo P. Evangelista BSC 1994 to 1997
Miss Almera C. Gajeton BSC 1995 to date
Mrs. Venus Ruam-Cadabona AB 1996-1999
Mr. Wilbert C. Sadangsal BSC 1996-1997
Mr. Jaime L. Nesperos JSC/BSSA/MPA/MBA 1999 to 2015
Mrs. Guadalupe Sevilleja-Lopez BSE 2000-2001
Mrs. Alva Escobar-Gutierrez BSA/MBA 2001 to 2020
Mrs. Decema Ann Marcelo-Acpal BSIT 2007 to 2017
Dr. Ella Bedoya-Tumaneng BSeD/MP/PhD 2011-2014
Mr. Jason G. Colobong BSIT 2013- to date
Dr. Gertrude Garingan-Danao BSC-CS/MBA/VISIT/PhD 2014 to date
Adora Luz Magno BSIT 2015 to date
Rico Balando, Jr BSBA-FM 2014 to date
Christian Jay Soto BSIT 2016 to date
Windel  Taguiling BSIT 2017 to date
Marie Celestine Irizari MBA 2018 to date
Ireena M. Aquino BSOA 2018 to date
Michael  S. Cayaban BS MATH/BSIT 2019 to date
Aileen S. Castro BSC/ BSN RN 2020 to date

As the population of the college department increases, the expansion of the Registrar’s Office and the addition of new facilities and manpower is imperative for the office to be able to discharge its functions efficiently.

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