Vision - Mission


Saint Mary’s University of Bayombong, as a Catholic and Missionary institution of learning, draws its vision and orientation from pertinent provisions of the 1987 Philippine Constitution, the educational goals expressed in the “Education Act of 1982” and allied laws, the philosophy of the Commission on Higher Education as embodied in the Manual of Regulations for Private Higher Education (MORPHE) of 2008, the Apostolic Constitution on Catholic Universities Ex Corde Ecclesiae (“Born from the Heart of the Church”), and the vision-mission and directives on the educational apostolate of the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (CICM).



  1. To develop in the individual, a solid foundation of knowledge, attitudes, habits and skills necessary for professional, civil, social, and moral life; and
  2. To develop the individual’s potentials as a human being to the maximum so that he will turn out to be a responsible and dynamic leader and a productive and versatile citizen capable of meeting both local and global demands.


  1. To act as a center of research for the discovery and advancement of new knowledge and promotion of scientific attitude among intellectual leaders;
  2. To provide avenues for collaborative planning for short-term and long-term institutional plans, and identifying, developing and delivering innovative programs in order to cope with the challenges of the times; and
  3. To provide opportunities for the enhancement of creativity in the literary, visual and performing arts.


  1. To develop in the individual an attitude of dedicated service to others, to the community, and to the nation;
  2. To lead and assist other educative agencies in fostering an awareness of the socio-economic and environmental situation and to commit to their development and improvement;
  3. To develop in the individual, personal discipline and social responsibility;
  4. To instill in the individual, faith and pride in the national culture and respect for other cultures;
  5. To provide the students equitable opportunities to avail themselves of the different school services and resources; and
  6. To provide occasions for alumni to grow professionally and to voluntarily share their expertise and resources.


VISION:  Saint Mary’s University is a premier CICM Catholic educational institution drawn into communion by the Wisdom of God, dedicated to the integral formation of persons exemplifying excellence, innovation, and passion for Christ’s mission.

MISSION:  We commit ourselves to:

  1. Relentlessly pursue quality and  excellence in education for local and global relevance and responsiveness;
  2. Persistently challenge one another to explore and pursue relevant, innovative and breakthrough ideas through research and development;
  3. Steadfastly form and develop community-supportive persons promoting multi-ethnicity, social justice, peace,  and integrity of God’s creations;
  4. Conscientiously strengthen good governance and concordance among stakeholders for the sustenance of best practices and institutional gains; and
  5. Joyfully animate and care for one another as a community inspired by Mother Mary to become faithful witnesses of Christ’s mission.

Passion for Christ’s Mission

    1. To acquire and develop Christian values in order to live out and effectively share the Christian message especially to the marginalized and bring about a more just and humane society;
    2. To deepen and strengthen the spiritual and missionary life of the community;
    3. To provide a wholesome character formation to build inspiring models in the community; and
    4. To promote ecumenism and interfaith dialogue.