The University Hymn

Saint Mary’s University
We raise our paean unto thee
Our hearts revere thy sacred name
We sing the glory of thy fame
While seasons come and seasons go
Our loyalty we’ll ever show
Ah! time and place shall ne’er decrease
Our love for thee, Saint Mary’s

We all must leave thee, blessed home
About the stormy world to roam
But though the mighty ocean tide
Should us from thy dear walls divide
And ‘round the tree the ivy twines
The clinging tendrils of its vine
So seek thy peace, thy shelt’ring peace
By ties of love, Saint Mary’s

In after life, should troubles rise
To cloud the blue of sunny skies
How bright will seem through
mem’ries haze
The happy golden bygone days
O let us strive that ever we
May let these words our watch-cry be
Where e’er sail upon life’s sea
For God, for country, and for thee