Center for Information & Communication Technology


A globally competitive leader in producing and delivering efficient, adaptable, reliable, and secured state-of-the-art Information and communication technology resources, products(system), and services for the Marian community.


  • Maintain a valuable organization fully equipped with the highest quality facilities and manned by well-trained industry based ICT professionals
  • Build and provide appropriate world class client-centered innovative computerized, database, and network system.
  • Deliver unsurpassed customer services to highly capacitated end-users.


The Management Information System Office (CISO) was formed in 1997 during the time of Rev. Fr. Jessie M. Hechanova, CICM, with the objective of administering and managing the information and communication technology (ICT) operations and the development and customization of Information System requirements of the university with the Grade School, High School Department and the College Department as its primary clients. Mr. Edwin N. Gonzales was appointed as the first head of the office with Mr. Erwin Exequiel P. Calata, a newly hired staff during that time, as system programmer.

As Information and Communication Technology requirements of the university expanded, new equipment were acquired such as Database servers, email servers, authentication servers, network switches and routers. Hence, the University formed the Data Center to house the different servers and network equipment located at the 3rd Floor of the Administration Building. In the succeeding years, the MIS constructed a network backbone forming a wide area network connecting the three campuses of the university; Grade School, High School and the College Campus. With such expansions, the SMUNet was formed with the tasked of managing and administering the operations of the Data Center.  Several staffs were hired such as network administrator, database administrator and system administrator. With the advent of the Internet Technology, the Internet Library (now the Internet Center) was formed to cater student Internet services of the university. The Management and Information System Office was then renamed to Computing and Information System Office with three (3) distinct sub units: Management Information System Office, SMUNet, and the Internet Center.

In 2010, the office was again renamed to Center for Information and Communication Technology (CICT) with the addition of the Computer and Electronics Technical Service Office (CETSO) as the forth sub unit of the center.


Ensure that ICT is fully integrated into planning and implementation of the University mission in order to speed up and improve quality of activities of Saint Mary’s University.


• Support functions: administrative, technical and supportive functions,
• Learning assistance: assistance and support for learning and teaching,
• New learning: new teaching and learning methods, techniques and tools.

Services Offered

  • ID processing
  • LMS Enrollment and Monitoring
  • Online Enrollment
  • Hardware servicing
  • Network Infrastructure Servicing
  • Monitor the Online services of the University