The University Emblem

  • The Latin words “Sapientia a Deo” inscribed in the university emblem are translated as “Wisdom from God”.  This university motto means “Wisdom is a Divine Gift”.
  • The picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Seat of Wisdom is in the seal because she is our Patroness after whom our school is named and to whom it is dedicated.
  • Our school colors are white and blue, the colors of our Lady.  White stands for integrity and justice. Blue stands for prudence and self-control.
  • The lily symbolizes the purity of Mary Immaculate making the university a part of the community of CICM schools.
  • The belfry represents the Church beckoning the people to gather around God’s Wisdom.  The rose is the traditional emblem of Christian charity which prompts the church to spread learning in education.
  • The shield bearing all the symbols depicts the fortitude drawn from all stakeholders united in God’s Wisdom.
  • As a whole, our university emblem conveys, “The University is an instrument of the Church in bringing God’s Wisdom to all.”
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