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These are extensions of classroom activities. They are co-curricular organizations as they represent the different academic programs of the university. These fall under the jurisdiction of the Academic Deans. The following are some of the co-curricular organizations

A. School of Accountancy and Business (SAB)

  • Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) – SMU Chapter
  • Marian Association of Hospitality Management Students 
  • Marian Association of Tourism Students (MATS) 
  • Philippine Association of Students in Office Administration (PASOA) – SMU Chapter

B. School of Teacher Education and Humanities (STEH)

  • Cogito Politico
  • Criminology Students’ Organization 
  • Marian Psychological Society (MPS)
  • Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health (MAPEH) Club
  • Student Teachers’ Organization (STO)
  • Students United in Mathematics (SUM)
  • Young Educators’ Club (YEC)

C. School of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology (SEAIT)

  • Association of Civil Engineering Students (ACES) / Junior Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (JPICE) – SMU Chapter
  • Engineering, Architecture, and Information Technology Students’ Mathematics Association
  • Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines Student Edition (ICpEP.SE) – SMU Chapter
  • Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines (IECEP) – SMU Chapter
  • Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines, Inc. Council of Student Chapter (IIEE-CSC) – SMU Chapter
  • Junior Philippines Computer Society (JPCS) – SMU Chapter
  • Marian Integrated Computer Organization (MICRO)
  • Marian Library and Information Science Students’ Association 
  • Students’ Microcontroller Society
  • United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary (UAPSA) – SMU Chapter

D. School of Health and Natural Sciences (SHANS)

  • Marian Volunteers Organization (MVO)
  • Marians United in Sciences and Technology (MUST)
  • Philippine Society of Medical Technology Students – SMU Chapter


These are open to all interested qualified students. These extra-curricular organizations represent not their academic programs but the individual interests of students in relation to their talents or skills and advocacies. These organizations, which fall under the supervision of the Dean of Student Affairs and Services, sponsor community extension programs. The following are several of the extra-curricular organizations:


  • SMU-American Foreign Service (AFS) Intercultural Programs Philippines School Club

AFS Intercultural Programs Philippines is a global not-for-profit Network that provides intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world.  It aims to empower young people from all backgrounds with essential global skills and the passion for making a difference.  It empowers people to become globally engaged citizens by delivering meaningful intercultural experiences that provide the knowledge and skills needed to help create a more just and peaceful world.


  • BIBAK Students’ Organization

The organization was established as a Student Chapter of the Internationally recognized BIBAK Organization which was established for the reason that an increasing number of Indigenous People are seeking formal education most especially those who are coming from the Cordilleran Region and Tribal Communities.  As such the organization was established as a Chapter in Saint Mary’s University who supports students to attain formal education and practice and given the avenue of practicing their customary ways of collectivity while in school.  BIBAK (Benguet, Ifugao, Bontoc, Apayao and Kalinga) served as a bond and means of helping the less fortunate fellows regardless of their ethnolinguistic affiliations.


  • Library Working Scholars’ Organization (LWSO) 

The Library Working Scholars’ Organization is an association of working students in the university learning resources center established for the self-help, protection and development of working students as they study and work at the same time in the university. The organization also serves as a social, moral and financial support organization to these hardworking student librarians.


  • Marian Anime Community

The Marian anime community is a group of students bound by their single interests in media arts and animation. Their organization was established to gather members as a social and personal support to all those who have inclination to arts especially in animation. 


  • Marian Boarders’ Association

The Marian Boarders Association was established through the initiatives of the Associate Deans for Men and Women for the safety and protection of students who are staying in different boarding houses away from their own families. The association is also an arm of the ADSAS offices in monitoring conditions of Marian students in their respective boarding houses.


  • Marian Coalition of Sons and Daughters of OFWs (MCSDO)

The organization aims to develop ideal sons and daughters of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) who will exemplify the virtues of self-reliance, honesty, academic excellence, initiates innovation, promotes communion and spreads Christ’s Mission.  Members of the organization are trained and oriented to reach out to their fellow students whose parents are working abroad.  This serves as an additional avenue of the University in reaching out to students who needs assistance not only in their academics but also in handling situations in their life.


  • Marian Emergency Response Team (MERT)

The Marian Emergency Response Team is the student version of any professional disaster risks response team. Students who have interest in volunteerism especially during disaster are welcomed in the organization but every aspiring member undergoes rigid disaster response training before being taken into the group. The MERT members are the ones responsible in first aid activities during university wide activities like during intramurals, earthquake drills, institutional programs and others.


  • Marian Guild of Arts and Crafts

The organization aims to cultivate, enhance and innovate student’s innate potentials.  It promotes interests in Arts and Crafts and maintain the interests of artists and crafters who are already in the University.  Mainly the organization aims to provide students faculty, staff and the administrators relevant information about the essence of arts and crafts.  It provides an avenue for students’ creative expression thereby honing their talents and skills.  


  • Marian Peer Counselors

The organization was organized in response to the call that students should have an avenue where they can easily channel their problems or concerns to their co-students who are of the same age.  The motto of the organization is “Reaching Out… Touching Lives…”  The organization has been holding trainings for student leaders and has been constantly tapped to spearhead weekend encounters to students.


  • Marian Working Scholars’ Organization

The Marian Working Scholars’ Organization is an association of university working students established for their development and self-help. Through the organization, students are trained in leadership and other volunteer activities. The organization also serves as a moral, social and financial help for working students who have difficulties in their university life.


  • SMU Artists’ Circle

The organization was established in the year 1998 as a group of artists specializing in almost forms of arts, paint, crafts, design and performing arts.  The performs in all programs all year round, decorating the stage and performing for the events.  The group had their exposures in the Province’s different municipalities, Regional and National.  The group focus its performances showcasing different ethnic cultures and traditions and has already staged major production such as Iwil and Yumina, Jesus Christ Superstar, and numerous repertoire featuring the Cordilleran.


  • SMU Band

The SMU Band was organized to give students an outlet for their giftedness with music through singing and playing instruments.  Singing technique and music reading are taught through rehearsals and performances of a variety of musical styles. Members study and perform quality musical pieces of all varieties, forms and genres. The Band performs in approximately 3 school concerts/shows every year, assists the campus ministry through band singing in religious functions and when possible community events and a large group contest or festival.  The group has also showcased its musicianship prowess through concerts and live musical ornamentation in theater.  The group has always been tapped by the University to spearhead band competitions for students.


  • SMU Choral Society 

The SMU Choral Society is the premier Singing Group of the University.  Its dictum “Concentus Opus Nostrum Est” (Harmony is our work), the SMU Choral Society is an Organization of musical inclined passionate students specializing in their own fields of endeavor in Education. This premier singing society of Saint Mary’s University of Bayombong Nueva Vizcaya, believes that singing is one of the greatest opportunities of self-expression. Members of this society come from the different neighboring province of Nueva Vizcaya whose passion and enthusiasm for musical blends their voice into one soulful harmony.  The society aims to entertain and educate its audience with the vocal medium of auditory arts as its aims to professionalize its talents and the organization as a whole. Beyond all this, the SMU Choral Society will become one big team and express itself in a splendid, unified effort. Indeed, harmony, rhythm, melody, vocal color, dynamics, tempo, and text –all come together in one remarkable organization.


  • SMU Dance Troupe

The birth of the organization was built on the desire to develop appreciation for the performing arts and to create an avenue where students can make use of their time wisely while doing what they love the most.  In the beginning, the organization concentrated on performing traditional and choreographed folk and ethnic dances and brought its expertise to a higher level as it embarked on performing different kinds of dances such as contemporary, hip hop, dance sports, street dance, jazz and cheer dance.  Indeed, the group has metamorphosed into an elite dance organization and has proven its performance excellence as it continuously dominates dance competitions in the province and the region as well.  The group has staged successful dance concerts and has been the constant representative of the Region in the National dance competitions for the PRISAA.


  • School Central Councils

The School Central Council is a legitimate governing body of students per school.  These school councils provide student services pertaining to their own field of specialization and promotes academic integrity by managing quality activities and opportunities to ensure student’s learning and physical, mental, spiritual and social development in their respective schools.

    • Executive Council of the School of Teacher Education and Humanities (ECSTEH)
    • Health and Natural Sciences Central Council (HNSCC)
    • School of Accountancy and Business Student Central Council (SABCC)
    • Student Council of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology (SCEAIT)
  • Student Central Council (SCC)

Saint Mary’s University recognizes the right of the students to “organize a free student government that can administer, legislate and adjudicate matters within its approved constitution.” The Student Central Council is the umbrella organization for all the undergraduate student organizations, thus only the students taking their first undergraduate course are qualified to run for elective posts. In this regard, the University considers the students taking their second undergraduate course in the same level as the graduate and law students. Hence, Saint Mary’s University recognizes, according to democratic procedures, the SCC as the only legitimate representative of the student body to the administration and the faculty of Saint Mary’s University. 

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