Alumni Affairs Office


The Alumni Affairs Office of Saint Mary’s University is a conduit between the administration and its graduating students, nurturing them to be young professionals and alumni exemplifying excellence, innovation and Christ’s mission in the community they serve. 


We commit ourselves to: 

  1. Animate and strengthen the participation of alumni in the academic, social, structural and resource mobilization pursuits of the University; 
  2. Maintain an updated directory of all alumni; 
  3. Take charge of the publication of the SMU Alumni Bulletin/Newsletter; 
  4. Provide job placement assistance to graduating students in coordination with the Guidance and Testing Office; 
  5. Take care of the operations of the Balai na Alumni.


Saint Mary’s University, ever cognizant of the pivotal role its alumni play in the pursuit of its vision-mission, created the Office of Alumni Affairs to reach out to the most number of former students of the University, with the end of organizing them into alumni cells, and create an extensive network of resources which could be tapped to work in the various undertakings of the institution. Hence, in 1992, the Alumni Affairs Office of Saint Mary’s University was created. 

The Office was initially dubbed as the Office of Alumni Affairs in 1992, was renamed Alumni Affairs and External Affairs Office in 2001. After the launching of the Career Placement Services in October 2007 the name of the office was once again changed to Alumni Affairs and Career Placement Services Office in 2007. In 2009, it was called the Center for Alumni Relations and External Affairs (CARE). When the External Affairs Office was created in 2010, the name of the Office was simplified into the Alumni Affairs Office.

Services Offered

  • Release of Graduation Photos and Portraits
  • Release of Yearbooks
  • Alumni ID
  • Job Placement and Career Placement
  • Balai na Alumni Accomodation



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