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Marian graduating studes undergo real-life experience mock interviews

About 140 senior year students from the School of Accountancy and Business (SAB) showcased their smarts in a mock interview held to prepare them as they enter the work world in the future.

Mock interview is among the Career Support Programs of the Alumni Affairs Office (AAO) focused on job placement and career placement for graduating students of Saint Mary’s University (SMU) which is conducted annually. This year’s mock interview sessions were held on September 26 to November 17, 2023.

Dressed in professional attire, students presented their resumes and other application documents to SMU administrators, faculty, and staff creating an authentic interview environment.

Jerry G. Felix, senior Accountancy student, described the simulated interview as invaluable for gaining insight into the job search process and understanding the professional world awaiting them.

“Initially, I was quite nervous because I acknowledge that I am not skilled in one-on-one interviews. However, as the mock interview progressed, I found it to be a valuable learning experience. It allowed me to refine my interview skills in a supportive environment, easing some of my anxiety,” Felix said.

He acknowledged areas for improvement and appreciated the constructive feedback provided during the mentoring session.

“While I addressed the interviewer’s questions, I also recognize that I had some lapses. Fortunately, the mock interview included a mentoring session. Receiving constructive feedback from the interviewer helped me to pinpoint areas for improvement and develop strategies to enhance my future interview performance. The mock interview served as a profound real-life experience for me, especially as a graduating BS Accountancy student,” Felix added.

According to Mr. Peter-Tom A. Callang, head of AAO, said activity aims to maintain an open line of communication with students, offering support and guidance as they continue their job search.

He stressed that, “the flow of the activity is customized based on the institution’s resources and goals.”

Callang also shared plans to collaborate with alumni and industry professionals to serve as interviewers providing students with a more realistic experience tailored to their fields of interest or expertise. #

Article by: Queen Nessellyn D. Galicia

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