Miss Diane Valerie Marcelo is another alumna to be featured in our “Marian Yan!” series

Miss Diane Valerie Marcelo is another alumna to be featured in our “Marian Yan!” series, showcasing graduates of Saint Mary’s University for the past 5 years who are employed in their respective fields. She graduated with the degree Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science (BMLS), Class of 2016.
Diagnosed with brain cancer in high school (also at SMU), she had to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy while studying. In college, she had to ask to be excused from her classes for her regular monitoring in Manila. Thankfully, she is now declared a cancer survivor, and is happily employed as a medical technologist at the Provincial Integrated Health Office of Nueva Vizcaya.
“My family and I have had trying times, me dealing with the sickness, shedding hair due to the treatments and absenting from classes; and my parents having to settle hospital bills and their own apprehensions. With God’s grace, I was able to conquer cancer, and to finish my studies. Due to our financial difficulties, I had to look for grants that would see me through college. The SMU-Scholarship and Development Foundation (SMU-SDF) helped me earn my degree; and for this, I am eternally grateful. I remember with fondness my teachers and classmates in high school and in college, how they were so understanding and accommodating of my situation. Now that I am working with patients, I am able to share my prayerful optimism with them – that all will be alright in time with faith in God and a strong support group.”
Diane’s story touches us because it speaks of struggles and triumphs, of trust in the Divine Providence; reminding us that we are a people of faith, hope, and love. For those who knock, doors are opened; those who seek shall be given.
At Saint Mary’s, we offer various grants and scholarships to qualified applicants because we believe that financial challenges can be overcome with the eagerness to study and the zeal to succeed. These include: academic scholarships, CHED and DOLE scholarships, entrance scholarships, service grants, SMU-SDF grants, Socialized Tuition Fee Program (STFP), Student Financial Assistance Program (STUFAP), Tertiary Education Subsidy (R.A. 10931 / TES), working scholarships, and alumni scholarships.
The Alumni Affairs Office extends its best wishes to Miss Marcelo, a Marian Ambassador, inspired by mission and driven by excellence.

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