By: Dr. Arlene Linsangan-Tabaquero, Director of the Center for Natural Sciences

Saint Mary’s University offers BS Biology and BS Chemistry as its Pure Science Programs. Graduates of the said programs have been into various career areas. Some are in government and private institutions such as in universities, hospitals and laboratories, serving as specialists, consultants, and laboratory technicians. Others are engaged in entrepreneurial activities, sales and trading services. Some proceeded to medicine and are now licensed medical doctors. Here are some of the Marian BS Biology and BS Chemistry alumni who are happily successful in their careers aligned with their academic degrees.

In accordance to the CHED Policies, Standards and Guidelines for BS Biology Curriculum (CMO No. 49 s. 2017), the BS Biology program is structured at grounding students with the fundamental concepts, principles, and theories of the natural sciences and the conduct of research. This includes the acquisition of appropriate skills and training in the efficient processing and presentation of information in both written and oral form. SMU’s BS Biology program is PAASCU accredited Level III. Three specializations are offered: Microbiology (for those who intend to become experts in the microbial field and work in Microbiology laboratories as laboratory technicians or researchers in health-related government or private agencies and institutions), Medical Biology (for those who intend to pursue Medicine) and Ecology (for those who intend to be employed as researchers, field biologists or part of management teams in environmental agencies, museums, and institutions involved in plant or animal care and natural resource preservation and conservation).

The BS Chemistry program (CMO No. 47 s. 2017) on the other hand aims to produce graduates who comply with the current qualification requirements of professional chemists for local and overseas employment and entrepreneurship, and; it also prepares students to higher studies in Chemistry.

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