Instructions for Walk-in Admission and Enrollment

                                    PROCEDURES FOR COLLEGE ADMISSION (*if health protocols allow)

1. Proceed to the Guidance and Testing Office (GTO)
    a. Pay the testing fee (P350.00) at the Treasury and Accounting Office (First floor, Fr.
        Lambrecht Building) and present the receipt to the GTO.
    b. At the GTO, fill up the SMU Form 80-A or the Application for Admission Form.
    c. Take the College Entrance Test (CET) on the scheduled date. (*Waived temporarily to
        comply with health protocols)
    d. Get the CET result after two weeks or on the scheduled date. Be advised of the
        course you are qualified to enroll in.
2. Proceed to Academic Dean’s Office
    a. Proceed to the Office of Academic Dean for admission and registration and submit
        all entrance / admission credentials for evaluation.

 *For Freshmen
         i. CET Results
         ii. High School Card (Form 138)
         iii. NCAE Result, if any
         iv. PSA (formerly known as NSO) generated Birth Certificate (BC)
         v. Certificate of Good Moral Character (from the High School Principal or
             Guidance Counselor)
         vi. Marriage Certificate (only for women who are married)
         vii. ACR and Study Permit from BI/DFA (if foreign student)

 *For Transferees
          i. CET Result
          ii. Transfer Credentials/Honorable Dismissal
          iii. Certificate of Good Moral Character (from previous school)
          iv. Certification of subjects and grades (from previous school)
          v. PSA Generated Birth Certificate
          vi. Marriage Certificate (only for women who are married)
          vii. ACR and Study Permit from BI/DFA (if foreign student)
NOTE: No student shall be considered officially admitted unless all admission
requirements or entrance credentials are submitted before the end of the
enrollment period of the school term (MORPHE 2008, CEAP Registrar’s
Guidebook, 2009).
    b. Proceed to the evaluation area for academic advising.
    c. Proceed to the Class/Course Reservation Area.
    d. Secure approval of the Academic Dean for subjects reserved.
3. Proceed to the Treasury and Accounting Office
    a. Get queue number at the Accounting Office Lobby.
    b. Wait for your queue number to be displayed on the screen
    c. Pay your full amount of tuition fee or a minimum down payment of ₱3,000 at
        Cashier’s Window 5, 6, 7 or 8.
4. Proceed to the Registrar’s Office
     a. Proceed to the area for self-service printing of enrollment form (student copy and
         Registrar’s Copy).
     b. Proceed to the validation area for validation by the Registrar’s Office staff.
     c. Proceed to the ID Processing Area for the issuance of the new ID.
     d. Proceed to the clinic for the medical and physical examination.
         i. Students are considered OFFICIALLY ENROLLED only upon submission of all
            entrance credentials and payment of the required down payment.
         ii. Students who will enroll on or after the petition period are already considered
             late enrollees (CHED Manual of Regulations for Private Higher Education, 2008)
         iii. Reserved subjects will automatically be revoked one (1) week after the end of
             the enrollment period if students FAIL TO SEEK DEAN’S APPROVAL of the
             reserved subjects.
         iv. Only students who completed the enrollment procedure can proceed with the
              petition process.
1. Pre-enrolment. Proceed to the Office of the Academic Dean that the student intends to
    shift or be enrolled in and fill up Form 81-B two (2) weeks before the enrolment for
    purposes of evaluation.
2. Enrolment
    The process is the same with the enrolment procedure for incoming freshmen.