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We take a new look at our root and inspiration our CICM heritage. We take again inspiration from the generosity and sacrifices of our CICM missionaries who had left their own homes and had come to share us the Gospel. They believed that education would be a beautiful instrument in bringing about spiritual upliftment and human development to our people. They have shared to us their missionary heart so that we too might have the same missionary heart. We should have metamorphosed from a receiving Catholic school to a sending Catholic school. Like a child receiving from the father to a mature one taking responsibility. We continue to affirm our CICM missionary identity.

As a Premier Catholic educational Institution

Drawn into Communion by the Wisdom of God

Exemplfying Excellence

Dedicated to Forming Persons

Innovation and

Christ’s Mission


Saint Mary’s University is a premier CICM Catholic educational Institution drawn into communion by the Wisdom of God, dedicated to forming persons exemplifying excellence, innovation and Christ’s mission.


  • Relentlessly pursue excellence in education for local and global relevance and responsiveness;
  • Persistently challenge one another to explore and pursue relevant, innovative and breaktrhough ideas through research and development;
  • Steadfastly participate in the CICM advocacies of promoting multi-ethnicity, social justice, peace and integrity of God’s creation;
  • Conscientiously strengthen good governance and coocordance amont stakeholders for the sustenance of best practices
  • Joyfully animate and care for one another as a community inspired by Mother Mary to become faithful witnesses of Christ’s mission


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