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DOST Allocates Php 6M to propel SMUs Robotics and AI initiatives

        Saint Mary’s University (SMU) secured a Php 6,000,000.00 grant from the Department of Science and Technology – Philippine Council for Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technology Research and Development (DOST-PCIEERD) through a memorandum signing ceremony at Richmonde Hotel in Eastwood, Quezon City which marked the commencement of approved 2023 projects and unveiled the launch of “Innovate Pinas.”

This collaboration between SMU and DOST-PCIEERD focuses on two key initiatives: Collaborative Robotics and AI Center (Php5M): Establishment of Adaptive Robotics Technology and Intelligent Computing Center (Project ARTIC) for the Food Industry Application, and R&D Project (Php1M): AI-based Analysis and Development of Wearable Navigating Technology for People with Blindness (Project e-SENSE).

Project ARTIC aims to establish a hub for research and technology innovation, specifically focusing on adaptive collaborative robotics technology and intelligent computing for food industrial applications. Notably, this marks the establishment of the first Collaborative Robotics and AI Center in Northern Luzon. 

Moreover, Project e-SENSE focuses on designing and developing wearable navigating technology for individuals with blindness, utilizing high-quality waterproof ultrasonic sensors enhanced through machine learning algorithms. The technology aims to notify users through sound and/or vibration. 

This accomplishment builds on a previous catalyst funding grant from the National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP) received on October 28, 2021, amounting to Php 614,079.00, entitled”Strengthening of Research and Development Capabilities of the Faculty, Researchers, and Personnel of Saint Mary’s University.” The grant was facilitated with consistent support and mentorship from Mr. Marfy H. Lita, NRCP, Project Development Officer, and Dr. Renann Baldovino (DLSU Professor as RDLeader for SMU).

This funding is poised to elevate SMU’s position in innovative research and development within the fields of robotics, AI, and wearable technology, further demonstrating the university’s commitment to advancing technological solutions and contributing to the broader scientific community.

SMU also extends its gratitude to Ms. Eidel Quinn T. Eda from DOST-PCIEERD Institutional Development Program (IDP), and Mr. Ruel A. Pili from DOST-PCIEERD Regional Research Institution (RRI) for supporting the R&D Projects.

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