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Saint Mary's University Hosts Academic Session on the Impact of AI in Education

     Saint Mary’s University (SMU) held an Academic Session on September 27 at the Sacred Heart Center, focusing on the influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education. The session convened educators across different levels to explore the integration of AI technologies into teaching practices.

Dr. Caroline Mariñas-Acosta, a resident faculty at the University Utara Malaysia at Kedah Darul Aman and President of Knowledge Advancement and Youth Empowerment Training and Assessment Center, delivered a keynote address highlighting the necessity for educators to adapt their teaching strategies to effectively incorporate AI. Dr. Acosta, also a part-time faculty member at SMU School of Graduate Studies and School of Accountancy and Business, emphasized the responsible use of AI in supporting SMU’s core functions of education, research, and community engagement.

The Academic Session featured workshops where participants explored practical methods to integrate AI models, such as ChatGPT and Bing AI, into course syllabi, classroom activities, research projects, and community engagement proposals. These workshops provided opportunities for collaboration and learning, offering educators insights into utilizing AI as a tool for academic advancement.

To facilitate maximum participation, classes in SMU’s Basic Education program were temporarily suspended for the duration of the Academic Session. This decision demonstrated the university’s commitment to providing educators with opportunities to engage with the latest advancements and explore their potential impact on teaching and learning.

The Academic Session organized by Saint Mary’s University underscored the importance of embracing AI in education. It provided educators with a platform to share knowledge and best practices around integrating AI technologies into instructional methods, ultimately enhancing the quality of education.

Dr. Acosta said that AI may be utilized responsibly to support the university’s tri-fold functions – instruction, research, and extension – in ensuring that SMU remains true to its quality policy.

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