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SMU-HTM recognized as certified guest service property

SMU-HTM is recognized as Certified Guest Service Property by American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI), a prestigious international organization that trains and certifies hospitality and tourism professionals through a plaque and congratulatory letter sent last August 21 by the Professional Certification Team.

Mr. John Michael C. Ibarra, HTM Department Head, recognizes the importance of international standards and recognitions. In an interview, Mr. Ibarra said that international recognitions are strategic tools and strategies in managing a department. Likewise, recognition by an independent international organization confirms the alignment of institutional standards and policies to global standards.

Hence, this recognition received by SMU-HTM is a manifestation that global relevance and international standards are being practiced in instruction, community extension, research and development.

Students who will earn their degree at SMU-HTM with Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management and Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management are globally competitive.

The recognition is achieved through the efforts of the faculty who are equipped with international standards that train students according to the global standards.

CGSP is a designation recognized worldwide as the highest acknowledgement of the award-winning guest service for employees and properties in the hospitality industry given by the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute.

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