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“Mangan : Vizcaya Kulinarya Festival” to Highlight Local Culinary Talents in the 2024 Grand Ammungan Festival

Culinary enthusiasts and food lovers are in for a treat as the much-anticipated “Mangan: Vizcaya Kulinarya Festival” takes center stage at the 2024 Grand Ammungan Festival this coming May. The event promises to showcase the rich culinary culture and high-quality fresh produce of Nueva Vizcaya through a series of competitive cooking events.

The festival will kick off with the “Payabangan sa Kayabang,” a fierce competition among professional chefs and cooks from various local restaurants. In this live cooking team competition, three-member teams will be given one hour and thirty minutes to prepare a “hapag” – a meal for a Vizcayano family of four, consisting of three dishes. Each team will receive a basket of ingredients, known as “kayabang,” to use, highlighting the province’s pride in its fresh produce.

Following the professional chef’s showdown, “The Viz Baker” competition will open the floor to students and hobbyist bakers. Contestants will be challenged to create bakery items that perfectly blend the flavors of chocolate(cacao) and Vizcaya citrus, ingredients that are abundant in the province. This competition aims to discover the best baker who can optimize this unique flavor pairing.

Lastly, the “Kapetirya de Vizcaya: The Brew Master” competition will shine a spotlight on the growing coffee scene in Nueva Vizcaya. Open to coffee baristas, participants will use coffee beans produced in the towns of Ambaguio, Kasibu, Kayapa, and Alfonso Castañeda to brew the best coffee in the province.

The “Mangan: Vizcaya Kulinarya Festival,” set to take place on May 22, is chaired by the renowned Chef Jehan F. Damaso of Mrs. Baker’s Restaurant and Pastry Shop. Chef Jehan, a multiple award-winner in various local and international culinary competitions, was notably recognized as the Best Pastry Chef in the country in 2015. Her leadership and expertise are expected to elevate the festival to new heights, celebrating Nueva Vizcaya’s culinary treasures and talents.

Director General Ruth Padilla expressed her excitement about the upcoming culinary festival, stating, “We are thrilled to host the ‘Mangan: Vizcaya Kulinarya Festival’ as part of the Grand Ammungan Festival this year. It is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the exceptional culinary skills of our local chefs and the rich agricultural heritage of Nueva Vizcaya. We believe this event will not only highlight our local talents but also foster a greater appreciation for our culinary culture among residents and visitors alike.”

The 2024 Grand Ammungan Festival invites everyone to partake in this food adventure showcasing the best of Nueva Vizcaya’s culinary offerings and the talents that bring these dishes to life. (Source: Rachel Magday, VIVA NUEVA VIZCAYA, VIVA PHILIPPINES!!!, March 4, 2024).

Culinary Excellence: Erica Joy Apigo Secures First Runner-Up at Kulinarya Vizcaya

Ms. Erica Joy Apigo, a third-year Hospitality Management student, has achieved first runner-up at the prestigious “Mangan! Kulinarya Vizcaya Competition” held at the Nueva Vizcaya Convention Center during the 15th Grand Ammungan Festival. There were 8 participants from different schools who participated in the competition.

Ms. Apigo’s remarkable accomplishment reflects her dedication, commitment, and culinary expertise. Special recognition goes to Mrs. Jesusa Maria F. Jacalne and Mr. John Michael C. Ibarra for their invaluable guidance and support.

(by: Dr. Monaloufel Jasmin)

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