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Beyond the Numbers: 21 New Marian Certified Public Accountants Shine

In a world where numbers rule and accountability is paramount, the emergence of 21 new Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) from Saint Mary’s University is a momentous occasion. These individuals have proven their mettle in the September-October 2023 Licensure Examination for CPAs (LECPA), not only surpassing the national passing rate but also bringing immense pride to the School of Accountancy and Business family.

The journey to becoming a CPA is laden with challenges, but these 21 individuals—Jan Lawrence T. Abando, Gema Marie A. Acosta, Claire Jane Crystal A. Andres, Chelsea Anne A. Antonio, Claire B. Balitti, Recel P. Benhel, Gene Gareth N. Cacanindin, Sarah Joy A. Cidro, Albert Kyle H. Labog, Mira Michelle A. Marcelo, Facel Kate R. Mercado, Nikka V. Ocampo, Ronelyn N. Reyes, Marc Wendel T. Rivera, Emer Joy I. Sagun, Ella Mae G. Sumayop, Ma. Danica G. Tomas, Kasandra Marie C. Tugade, Neilzon Jules P. Unite, Albyn P. Vicente, and Claire Viernes—have displayed exceptional talent, dedication, and determination throughout their academic journey.

The numbers speak for themselves. With a national passing rate of 31.37%, these new CPAs have defied the odds with a stellar 42.86% institutional passing rate. This remarkable achievement not only reflects the quality of education provided by the university but also showcases the commitment of these individuals to excel in their field. As they step into the professional world, these 21 CPAs will undoubtedly make their mark. They are poised to become leaders in the field of accountancy, contributing to the growth and integrity of the financial sector. Their knowledge, ethics, and dedication will play a vital role in ensuring transparent financial practices and upholding the values of the profession. (Writer: John Lindy R. Soriano)

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