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SMU’s Graduate Studies Spearheads Faculty Exchange in Business Administration

        To promote academic exchange and cooperation between Saint Mary’s University (SMU) and the Central Institute of Business Management, Research and Development (CIBMRD) in Nagpur, India, and as part of SMU’s quest for internationalization, Dr. Harrison T. Villanueva of the School of Graduate Studies lectured before the Master in Business Administration (MBA) class of Dr. Yogita Sure on May 4 & 6, 2023, via Google Meet. Dr. Villanueva discussed ‘Services Marketing.’ 

        On the other hand, Dr. Amishi D. Arora, CIBMRD Principal, was warmly welcomed at SMU’s MBA class on Strategic Management as a guest lecturer on May 13, 2023, done via Zoom. Both sessions indeed provided significant information shared before students of SMU and CIBMRD, further enriching the course delivery, noting essential course learning outcomes and global engagement to be achieved for both courses.


Above photo was taken during Dr. Amishi D. Arora’s lecture over SMU-MBA students on May 15, 2023.
Above photo was taken during the second meeting that Dr. Harrison T. Villanueva visited as Guest Lecturer the CIBMRD on May 6, 2023.
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