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SMU fortifies partnership with HCU through Forensic Science exchange students program

Saint Mary’s University sent eight Forensic Science students to Huachiew Chalermprakiet University in Thailand for the Forensic Science Disaster Management program to further enrich their capacities and skill set of their chosen field. This partnership ensures the continuous cultivation of both universities in providing the best and quality education for future professionals. The program is centered on providing practical expertise on responding to mass fatality management and responses and integrating critical response protocols. The program started on March 11 and shall continue until April 6.

The Forensic Science students are: Benedict Taganas Jr. Junmark Carbonel Femush Rein Santos Sean Micah Angeles Sheheira Aquino Harriet Banih Shaina Napoles Healther Talacca They are accompanied by Ms. Jana Colian, a supporting faculty.

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