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SMU-HTM Students Gear Up for SOLAS

3rd Year BS Hospitality Mgmt. And BS Tourism Mgmt. Students are attending today their first class on elementary first aid, 1 out of 4 modules to be completed for the completion of their Basic Training (BT, or aka SOLAS- Safety of Life at Sea), marking a significant milestone in their maritime education. This intensive training program equips our students with essential safety skills and knowledge crucial for working on board a ship. Hence, students can apply for their seafarers book after the training and can pursue their cruise life adventure after graduation. Indeed, a job ready curriculum!         

Throughout the training, students will learn about fire prevention and firefighting, personal survival techniques, first aid, and personal safety and social responsibilities. Practical examination on emergency evacuation procedures, learning to handle life-saving equipment, and participating in simulated rescue operations will be part of the upcoming 9 days of training.

This comprehensive training not only ensures that our students are well-prepared for any emergencies at sea but also enhances their overall competence and confidence as future professionals in the maritime and hospitality industries.

Kudos to our HTM students for their dedication and hard work in completing the SOLAS training. With these vital skills under their belts, they’re ready to set sail with safety and professionalism.


(Written by Ms. Julie Katrina R. Primero)

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